Change North Dakota Registered Agent

There are two ways you can change your registered agent in North Dakota:

  • Filing a Statement of Change
  • Filing an Amendment to your Articles

The method that we recommend is filing a Statement of Change. This form is simpler and far cheaper to file than an Amendment.

How to File a Statement of Change in ND

  1. Hire AAA North Dakota Registered Agent LLC

    This is your first step, because once you have signed up for our North Dakota registered agent service you will be able to access a secure online account where you will find the proper form to file.

    From your online account, you can easily find the form: Commercial or Noncommercial Registered Agent/Office Statement of Change. Download and print out this form. You will see that our information is already pre-loaded into the document.

  2. Filling Out the Statement of Change

    Box 2: Print the exact name of your business, as it is registered with the ND Secretary of State.

    Box 3: Include your Federal ID number, if your company has been assigned one.

    Box 4A: Our name will be pre-filled in this box. We are a Commercial Registered Agent.

    Box 4C: This box should be checked Yes.

    Box 5A: Skip.

    Box 5B: Leave blank.

    Box 5C: Leave blank.

  3. File with the Secretary of State

    There are three ways to file the Statement of Change: by mail, by fax, and in person. There is a $10 filing fee. You can make checks payable to: Secretary of State.

    Mailing Address:
    Secretary of State
    State of North Dakota
    600 E Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 108
    PO Box 5513
    Bismarck, ND 58506-5513

    Fax Number: 701-328-0106
    A fax transmission log is considered legal proof that the document was timely filed.

    If you are faxing the document, you must fill out the Credit Card Payment Authorization stub which can be found at the very end of the form, after the directions.

    Filings are generally processed within seven to ten business days. Faxing a filing does not expedite the processing time.

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