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What is a North Dakota Registered Agent?

A North Dakota registered agent is a business entity (corporation or LLC) or a resident of North Dakota that maintains a physical street location where official notices, such as service of process, can be delivered. A North Dakota registered agent accepts specific legal documents on behalf of corporations and other entities and forwards those documents to the business in a timely manner. Every registered agent in ND must maintain regular business hours at their registered office.

Quality Service at a Low, Affordable Price

Our annual fee gets you 12 months of service. Shocked by other commercial registered agent fees? So are we. We believe in great ND registered agent service at an affordable price. We want to make a living, not a killing. That’s why we charge only $30 a year. Because great service shouldn’t cost you an arm, a leg, and an ear or nose.

Stay Compliant

We will help you remain compliant with the ND SOS office. We use a sophisticated notification and deadline-tracking system that lets you know about all upcoming compliance dates, such as annual report deadlines or tax payment due dates. Keeping on top of deadlines can be time consuming and aggravating, and nothing is worse than suddenly realizing you forgot an important deadline.

Launch Your North Dakota Business Presence

We support our clients beyond just filings and compliance by making sure they have everything in place for their business to thrive as soon as they hire us. Our local experts truly do it all for you. That includes providing you the tools to set up your North Dakota business presence, like a domain name, website, SSL, business email and a North Dakota business phone number. No additional upfront fees, and you’re free to cancel anytime.

How To Change Your North Dakota Registered Agent

The simplest and least expensive way of changing your North Dakota registered agent service to us is to file a Commercial or Noncommercial Registered Agent/Office Statement of Change. There is a $10 filing fee, and the form can be mailed or faxed to the SOS.

Register Your Foreign (Out-of-State) Business in North Dakota

A business formed in another state is known as a foreign entity. If you have a foreign corporation or a foreign LLC and you want to do business here in North Dakota, you need to properly register your company with the Secretary of State. You can do so with the following two business filings:

Foreign Corporation Filing Requirements:

  • Certificate of Authority Foreign Corporation Application ($145)
  • Certificate of Good Standing (from your home state of incorporation)
  • North Dakota Registered Agent Service(you must appoint one with your filing)

Foreign LLC Filing Requirements:

  • Certificate of Authority Foreign LLC Application ($135)
  • Certificate of Good Standing (from your home state of organization)
  • North Dakota Registered Agent Service (appointed on your application)

Filings can be mailed or faxed. You can include a check or money order. If you want to pay by credit card, a Credit Card Payment Authorization is already within the application. We file foreign registrations every day.

How to Do Your Corporate Filings in North Dakota

Corporations: Business or Farming Corporation Articles of Incorporation

Fee: $100

LLCs: Business or Farming Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization

Fee: $135

Formation documents must be mailed or faxed (see below for address info). You can send a check or money order, or you can fill out the Credit Card Payment Authorization form attached to the filing and pay with a major credit card.

Am I Required to Have a Commercial Registered Agent in North Dakota?

No, your business is not required to have a commercial registered agent. The commercial registered agent designation doesn’t change the level or type of service provided to clients. As written on the North Dakota Secretary of State’s website, “The only difference is the commercial registered agent has a Commercial Registered Agent Listing with the Secretary of State and the noncommercial registered agent does not.” A commercial registered agent in North Dakota offers no advantages to a client.

Secretary of State Mail and Fax

All formation documents can be mailed to the SOS’s office at the following address:

Business Registration Unit
State of North Dakota
600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 108
Bismark ND 58505-0500

Fax Number: 701-328-2992

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